Introducing Libera System 7

Accelerate your case management and information management tasks using our System 7 Framework™ - all delivered over the web. Stop writing applications from the ground up. Stop trying to live with your old paper-based or legacy computer systems. Let us help!

Why should you use Libera? It’s simple.

Our approach to providing solutions means that we are flexible for each client and every need without making our clients change their business to fit our systems.

Our technology allows us to build solutions using an ultra-rapid development approach, which in turn keeps costs to a minimum for our clients.

Our user interface looks like email and a word processor, which means that transferable skills are used to understand and learn our system quickly and comprehensively.

Meets necessary Federal, state, local regulations for data and process compliance. We also go above and beyond United States ADA and Section 508 compliance for accessibility to help those with disabilities achieve success in the workplace.

Simplify your IT management - let us host System 7 in Libera's private cloud data center, another cloud, or just let us remotely manage System 7 on your network.

Relationship first, business second

Here at Libera our partners and clients are integral components of the team. These are just some of the great people working with us to develop and evolve the System 7 Framework.