Libera solutions foster numerous relationships in Federal, State, and County Governments and Private Agencies. We also provide services to commercial organizations, in multiple industries, throughout the U.S. The System 7 FrameworkTM enables solutions that integrate departments and single divisions; and across divisions and agencies to share and correlate data to serve a common or related group of goals.

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Libera systems and services help human services organizations help people. Our systems enable thousands of children, families, and seniors to find jobs, keep good homes, and improve their quality of life. The aging population receive appropriate attention, children get to safe healthy homes, veterans obtain accurate medications and others in need benefit from services professionally administered by Libera's systems.

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Libera applications support the coordination of education initiatives and academia, as well as meeting training requirements for teachers, administrators, outside providers, students, and facility providers. Scheduling and classroom activities are coordinated consistently, course content and grading systems are recorded, and advanced Computer Based Training with different learning skills methods can obtain the desired results in an integrated, holistic learning system of choice.

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Libera helps address energy and environmental challenges through transformative technology solutions. Our weatherization assistance (WAP), LiHEAP and CSBG case management systems help agencies manage the paperwork and data collection involved in running these programs and providing services to low-income families and other consumers in a cost-effective manner.

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This volatile market is full of material for consumption as the age of the Electronic book and publication is here, along with fierce competition as demand continues to increase for information and knowledge. The management of these information mediums must be thorough, accurate and swift. Deliveries can't be late and content has to be better than the rest. Systems for production need to integrate all contributors, interface with other data systems to ensure accurate data exchange and track activities to intrinsic levels of detail.

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Libera applications support IT organizations and departments in many ways. Libera's solutions are tailored to directly help manage IT projects, development, and other tasks. Libera's solutions also help organizations with other IT needs such as inventory and asset management. Many IT organizations are also tasked with maintaining and managing software systems for related departments. Simplify your IT management in those scenarios using our System 7 Framework, and other Libera solutions and services.

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As one of the largest markets today, healthcare and its systems of infrastructure must be comprehensive, interactive and seamless in support of a critical area of peopleΓÇÖs personal lives. Interfaces to other entities and data exchange must be accurate and fast. Our systems incorporate all of these features as well as being one place of record where all details of a case are stored. Audit and other verification criteria are also integrated to ensure that the complex process of providing healthcare is professional and accurately communicated to the right people at the right time.

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Many of the 1.5 million Active Duty soldiers, 720,000 Civilians, and 1.1 million National Guard personnel in the Department of Defense as well as over 2 million military Retiree's that are also associated with America's oldest and largest government agency rely on System 7 for important services and information. Resources need to be in the right facilities or installations, at the right time, with the right qualities, executing the right tasks, with the right benefits and capacities, in order to protect our national resources. From active duty orders to inventory: from budgets and grants to family benefits; from human resources to procurement and beyond; for corporals and the American public: for Congress and generals; our system helps men and women in the National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines do their jobs. Essentially, we facilitate the provision of official, timely and accurate information about defense policies, organizations, functions and operations at any given moment and help streamline procedures that will save valuable time and money.

The Voice of our Customers

'You have been a great partner and we are working really well together. We are not worried about this project.' System Administrator, VR.
'Time after time, the flexibility of the System 7 Framework has shown itself. The fiscal forms and user confidentially changes are two recent examples.' Head of State PMO
'You know I am a Libera Man and fully support System 7, and I can count on you as my business partner.' Director, VR
'The System 7 Framework is so diverse and has such potential it is fantastic. There is so much choice that it's sometimes difficult to know where to start.' Director, Banking.
'We love your price and what we get for our money has been tremendous.' Project Manager, State VR.
My relationship with Al and Libera has continued for so long that I can't imagine life without it. Libera has worked well over the years and will stay for as long as it continues to impress us.' Dept Head, Publishing.
'I really love System 7. There are so many things that it can do and we are not using it to its full potential yet!' System Administrator
'We will be a reference for you even though we are not finished with this project yet, because you have demonstrated that you do a great job and are a true business partner.' State IT Manager
'System 7 is a really great system.' Fiscal Manager
'Our new Libera system is robust, comprehensive and technically advanced. Libera anticipates problems and resolved them quickly. System 7 provides more capabilities than we were anticipating and works great for us.' Department Head, Treasury.
'We love your system and its flexibility. We also like it that we don't have to agree with anyone else about what goes into our system, but we can decide on what we want that works best with our own internal business processes.' Administrator, State
'The project was fantastic and was completed in a very short amount of time. We all worked together as a team and communication was clear.' Accountability Executive, Fraud.

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Fostering great relationships with other businesses and organizations is the key to building great synergistic energy and driving innovation. These are just some of the relationships that allows us to help our clients and help our partners alike to make great software: