Libera services provide you with the support you need to speed implementation, lower costs, and ensure that your Libera solution furthers your organization’s mission and goals.


libera logo Line-of-business applications

Libera’s System 7 FrameworkTM supports every information or case management system. And it’s the ideal integration platform, whether you need a fully custom application or just want to combine some of our existing programs with custom modules and functionality.

libera logo IT Interfaces

Whatever your software interface, System 7 is able to integrate it into applications or standalone interoperable solutions, via web services, file generation and transfer, and IBM WebSphere MQ.


libera logo Cloud Hosting

Rely on application hosting and software as a service (SaaS) through the Libera Data Center. Everything you need — hardware, networking, backup, security and IT management – is in place to provide a reliable infrastructure for System 7 applications and web sites.

libera logo System Administration

Augment your organization’s resources through Libera system administration services to help manage your System 7 applications. This team-oriented strategy allows your users to work efficiently within a well-run organization.

libera logo End User Help Desk

When you outsource your help desk needs to Libera, your users get fast, expert service via phone or e-mail – leaving your staff to handle more mission-critical tasks.

libera logo Data Validation/Auditing services

Validate and audit your data within System 7, and submit your required reports on time. Libera services offsets your internal workload, while improving the quality of your data, the certainty that it’s valid, and the ability to meet reporting requirements.

libera logo Claims management

Don’t miss out on funding that you’re entitled to – rely on Libera to help analyze your data to find and manage opportunities for funding reimbursement and claims.

libera logo Training

Whether you need hands-on end user training, train-the-trainer sessions, computer-based training (CBT), online and printed documentation, Libera’s training staff is expert in the technology and knowledge transfer. In fact, they are a vital part of our help desk and development support departments.

libera logo Project management

Save time and ensure success by relying on expert project management from Libera. Our team – consisting of project managers, development and technical staff — helps you manage the planning and risks associated with bringing an IT project to successful completion.

libera logo Testing

Count on Libera’s comprehensive testing methods and tools – both manual and automated – to provide quality software and systems. Libera custom automated testing tools are tailored to exercise System 7 applications, which would be expensive or impossible to do with commercial automated testing tools or manual testing.

libera logo IT management

Whether you need simple support for your overburdened IT staff, or full IT management and maintenance of your servers (including hosting in our data center), Libera offers full-spectrum support.

libera logo Consulting

From technology to specific business process consulting, we offer expertise designing and developing a wide range of software solutions. Innovative and patented solutions help you gather requirements and move your projects forward.

libera logo Data Conversions

Migrate and convert data from your legacy or outdated systems – whether they’re mainframes, custom applications and databases, or a third-party system – faster, easier, and more securely with Libera’s help. Ask about our history of data conversions – from mainframes, DB2, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, and more.

libera logo Software as a Service (SaaS)

Simplify your IT – System 7 can be delivered to you as Software as a Service (SaaS) through a subscription model. Any of our System 7 applications support hosting on Libera’s private cloud data center or another cloud provider to simplify your IT support needs and lower costs.

libera logo Developer Tools

System 7 developer tools enable faster development time, allow more advanced non-developers to make changes to the system, and improve quality throughout the process. These tools, both standalone and within System 7, enable you to customize the system to your specific needs.

Libera offers developer licenses for both the System 7 Framework and to System 7 tools.