Libera program solutions are both comprehensive and customizable, designed to get you to market rapidly, at low cost and low risk. Based on our advanced System 7 FrameworkΓäó, Libera program solutions are Electronisized versions of your paper-based or electronic information to simplify and automate your business needs.


libera logo Vocational Rehabilitation Management (VR)

Accelerate front-line tasks related to intake, eligibility, plan, authorization and closure processes, status histories, federal reporting data collection, and automated generation of RSA-911, RSA-113, and RSA-2 reports. Also ideal for Independent Living, Community Resource Providers and related programs.

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libera logo Fraud Management

Collect welfare fraud data from multiple sources, manage and track the processing of data validation, conduct investigations, submit for adjudication, and coordinate court actions. Public-facing portals allow individuals to submit information about clients or vendors suspected of fraud.

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libera logo 529 Savings Program / College Savings

Manage enrollments, contracts, beneficiaries, successors, deposits, and withdrawals for state-managed 529 college savings plans, including investment and prepaid college plans. Interface with fiscal systems, banks, credit card processing services, coupon book outputs, etc. A public-facing web portal allows contract holders to enroll, view and manage their contracts as well.

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libera logo Adult Protective Service / Domestic Violence

Track sensitive information about adults, children and other family members using highly secure systems embedded in System 7, including statistical data and workflow management from privately run domestic violence shelters, safe houses, and day programs. Outflow includes reports for the state, tracking of fiscal data, and more. Track by anonymous data such as admissions and discharge counts, or by full case management functions.

Learn more about Libera’s Domestic Violence Information System (DVIS)


libera logo Weatherization Program (WAP)

Enable low-income families to make their homes more energy efficient and cut energy bills. Manage WAP client information from application to completion of services provided. Track household members, eligibility, energy auditing, vendor, service, and fiscal data. Web portals can be used to allow clients to check on the status of their case or contractors to submit audit information.

Learn more about Libera’s Community Services Case Management System for Weatherization


libera logo Community Service Block Grants (CSBG)

Manage cases and workflow from application to closure providing plans, authorizations and benchmarks so that national goals are achieved, with all data centrally and securely located.

Learn more about Libera’s Community Services Case Management System for CSBG


libera logo Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP)

Manage cases and workflow from application through payment while tracking case balances throughout a program year. Individual and household eligibility is automatically calculated, with all data centrally and securely located.

Learn more about Libera’s Community Services Case Management System for LiHEAP


libera logo Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Supervise all aspects of the Randolph-Sheppard Act including management of operators, vending facilities, sites, potential sites, and equipment that are on federal property. All bidding, agreements, on-site visits, and point systems are integrated. Automatically generate RSA-15 Federal reports. Report income and expenses over the phone via our telephony portal too.

Learn more about Libera’s Business Enterprise Program application


libera logo Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Manage the core and ancillary requirements and functionality for deaf and hard of hearing programs including referrals, consulting, communication support, and training offerings.

Learn more about Libera’s Case Management System for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


libera logo Veterans Affairs (VA)

Track all veteran interactions and communications, document management, applications, eligibility, long-term healthcare and medications for veterans, dependents and survivors.

Learn more about Libera’s Case Management System for Veterans Affairs


libera logo Mental Health

Record diagnoses, prescriptions, appointments, entry of doctorΓÇÖs notes and observations. This workflow management approach easily integrates external fiscal and billing systems.

Learn more about Libera’s Case Management System for Mental Health


libera logo Aging and Independence Services

Track clients and services within community-based home services and other aging-related programs. Strong reporting capabilities allow agency, vendor, state, and federal reports to be generated.

Learn more about Libera’s Case Management System for the Aging

libera logo Child Welfare

Collect and analyze accurate data to prevent child abuse and neglect, and support foster care and adoption programs. Manage investigation reports, safety and risk assessments, investigation and case notes, child placements, and judicial tracking, and more. Handle access at the case, client and specific investigation levels. Agency, state, and federal reports are easily generated through fixed or ad-hoc tools.

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libera logo Random Moment Study (RMS)

Survey and document staff activities from internal or external sources. User populations are defined automatically and are called or e-mailed at random times throughout the sample period to document their activities. Results are validated and reported to support claim reimbursement and external funding.

Learn more about Libera’s Random Moment Study application

libera logo Work Load Study Program

Collect all data tracking case worker time, including start/end times, task details, descriptions, and more. Feed this information into analyses of optimal caseloads and other resource planning needs.

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