These platinum services are created to fit the needs of the WIOA community and are provided by extremely knowledgeable professionals who understand the comprehensive functionality in your Case Management System.


Libera logo Service Desk

When you outsource your Case Management System end user service desk needs to Libera, your users get fast, expert service via phone or e-mail – leaving your staff to handle more mission-critical tasks. Our clients have found this service to increase productivity, improve services to clients, and help reduce administration costs.

“The Oregon Commission for the Blind started using the Libera Service desk almost a year ago and we have been extremely pleased with this decision. This business changed has freed our staff up to focus even more on their work with clients which increases our productivity and therefore has a positive impact on outcomes for our clients. We can attest to the fact that the Libera Service Desk has a deep understanding of their product and they are able to provide quick resolutions to staff questions. We appreciate that the Libera Service Desk employs a tool to track all help desk submissions instead of us having to keep track of countless emails which improves efficiency and communication. We also appreciate the exemplary customer service Libera Service Desk Analysts provide to our staff each day both via email and phone.”

Angel Hale
Director of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Oregon Commission for the Blind

Libera logo Data Validation/Auditing Services

Validate and audit your data within your Case Management System, and submit your required reports on time. Libera offsets your internal workload, while improving the quality of your data, the certainty that it’s valid, and the ability to meet reporting requirements. This service ensures that throughout the year errors and corrections are made so that your Agency staff are using up to date data for everyday use and management have up to date data at their fingertips for reporting and decision making. In addition, all your required reports are prepared with accuracy without the struggle and last minute rush that is often associated with last minute clean up!
WIOA 911 Policy
Federal Register

Libera logo Data Analytics

The need for relevant data in the world of WIOA is paramount today! Skilled Libera analysts will use automated and highly customized tools to data mine and provide information you desperately need, all presentable in a smart and simple way. We write complex routines to extract multiple levels of data, create robust reports, train your skilled staff to extract data needed by your Administration, and even work side by side with you to understand how to work with the data or interpret report results.

Libera logo Data Conversions

Migrate and convert data from your legacy or outdated systems – whether they’re mainframes, custom applications and databases, or a third-party system – faster, easier, and more securely with Libera’s help. Ask about our history of data conversions – from mainframes, DB2, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, and more. Our automated data conversion tools combined with strong technical experts ensure your final product is complete.

Libera logo Training Services

Whether you need hands-on end user training, train-the-trainer sessions, computer-based training (CBT), online and printed documentation, Libera’s training staff is expert in the technology and knowledge transfer. In fact, they can be a vital part of any training initiative surrounding your Case Management System. In addition, we provide assistive technology training that will strengthen the experience of your visually impaired users.

Libera logo Testing Services

Count on Libera’s comprehensive testing methods and tools – both manual and automated – to help provide quality software and systems and augment your onsite project personnel. Libera can help with writing use cases for your agency testing or even training for functional, end to end, regression or other testing requirements for your Case Management System. We can help facilitate and coordinate this vital part of your software implementation to enhance your overall testing quality.

Libera logo Business / Needs Analysis

Highly skilled certified Business Analysts trained in the complexities of WIOA and VR are available to ensure your business requirements within your Case Management System are accurately communicated and represented. Your business requirements or needs are clearly presented in a detailed matrix that can then be used for any new project. Available for any length of contract period.
Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

Libera logo System Administration Services

Augment your organization’s resources through our Case Management System administration services to help manage your various applications. In a world where every cent counts, this service provides timely management of the intricate workings of your system including employee management, system set up and maintenance in numerous areas, team and caseload management, deep Tier 2 service desk, and coordination of communication concerning new functionality across your user base. This team-oriented strategy allows your users to work efficiently within a well-run organization.

Libera logo Project Management

Save time and ensure success by relying on expert project management from Libera. Our team – consisting of project managers, development and technical staff — helps manage the planning and risks associated with bringing a Case Management System software project implementation to successful completion. In working according to PMI standards we ensure that all project areas such as Risk Management, Scope Management, Cost Management, Time Management and Human Resource Management are strongly coordinated and executed.
Project Management Institute

Libera logo Claims Management (SSR etc.)

Don’t miss out on funding that you’re entitled to – rely on Libera to help analyze your Case Management System data to manage opportunities for funding reimbursement and claims. This service maximizes the income to your Agency from Social Security Reimbursement awarded as a result of successful job placement. Our experts will tightly control claims and work with your counselors to expedite claims submissions.
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